Coming Soon In 2015!
Josie Brandon's Original Gospel Music

After many requests from you and many days and nights inspired and spoken by our great creator, my hands have lead me to write a collection of songs.
To all the homeless shelters, churches, a young man named Enzo and all the little places where I see God's face, this album is dedicated to you.
Love you...stay courageous and inspired always. xo

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You can download her album or individual songs here. Josie Brandon has been asked to write and create projects in television, radio and film. We've included an array of projects on this page that Josie Brandon continues to do through her company. 

Josie Brandon "Crazy Week" Album

10 Original Country Rock Songs by Josie Brandon. Songs from her album have been featured on television, several radio stations in Europe and in a movie:) Download format only.

  1. 1 $1.99 So Cool 02:43
  2. 2 $1.99 I Should Know 03:23
  3. 3 $1.99 Crazy Week 03:13
  4. 4 $1.99 I Don't Want To Say Goodbye 02:47
  5. 5 $1.99 The Journey 03:36
  6. 6 $1.99 Music Row 02:24
  7. 7 $1.99 When We Make Love 03:49
  8. 8 $1.99 Let's Walk In The Rain 02:59
  9. 9 $1.99 I Want A Love Like That 03:56
  10. 10 $1.99 In Wisconsin 02:17

Josie Brandon's Europe Releases On Radio

Josie Brandon has been asked to write, create and collaborate on projects in television, radio and film. 
We've included an array of projects of Josie Brandon. Feel free to listen below:)

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Listen Only - Josie Brandon World Wide Projects

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