2016 Praise & Worship Gospel Music "Breathe In Me Lord" Project

Songwriter Josie Brandon


Thank you Radio Stations!!!!

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"My next collection of music works is all Gospel.  I've been writing for the last three years gospel songs. And the next part of my entire life is going to be dedicated to music, ministry, business and helping people.  It seems to always show up and I want to do what God has spoken into my heart for so many years. God has whispered so much wisdom in my life. I just want to continue to be who I am. And if that means going outside the box of what people expect, so be it.  I am happy with being true to myself. God simply amazes me with his miraculous works. The world needs to know the gift of faith and trust in their lives."


Thank you Everyone

Each day I open my emails from people through the years and I have moments when I just sit and thank God for the ability to really be reaching people for all the right reasons. I've got a lot of great work ahead of me. Everything from music to projects designed to elevate people's lives to teaching about the love of God and have partners that provide extensions to helping humanity and fuel my soul in the gifts God has given me.

I love this new phase of my life. I am happy and growing in the direction I was designed to grow in.  I am not afraid to reinvent my self to be open 
to the continued blessings that pour into my life. You may see me in different places doing different things. Its all perfect. Because I am working with people I love and respect and who treasure my work. I want to be versatile and use ALL my gifts. From business to worship.

I have been part of many projects that most people dream about in a lifetime. I have no room for complaints, I am blessed and so grateful. 

Don't live for the world. Live with purpose. God's. That's my belief and it has always set me free. I pray it does for you too as you walk along your own journey of discovering your fullest potential. 

Josie:) ...xoxox  

Freedom in christ

The songs that I write have always been about feeling the human spirit of people and wanting to get a smile out of them when they need it most. My joy is seeing progress in love. That's what matters most. I've seen it to know it.

Thank you DJ's & Fans!!! XOXO

Josie Brandon through the years of excellence

Josie Brandon is a songwriter, music publisher and artist showcaser who loves seeing people shine through her work. She has represented several people through her work and has been featured with bands in Chicagoland area. Josie Brandon has been asked to write, perform, collaborate and showcase music in United States and in Europe. Josie Brandon has been featured on ABC, CBS affiliate stations. Josie Brandon has been asked to host multiple television programs in family entertainment and beauty industries. She has been featured on International Television as a "America's Co-Host and has been a guest performer with some of the greatest International talents in Europe.  She has released two albums and has been featured on radio in Italy and U.S.  She has served as the U.S. and International Board Member with FIDOF whose board members include Andrea Bocelli, Jim Halsey, Armando Moreno and JoEn Franchi. Josie is originally born and raised in a small suburb near Chicago, Illinois. She now resides in Arizona where she collaborates with writers, musicans and producers all over the world. She fell in love with Arizona and moved her entire company near the Scottsdale area in 2012 to be closer to her West Coast business projects.

Oh My Sweet Jesus!! We Did It!! XO

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DJ Cool Bobby B Thank you!! xo

We officially hit Satellite radio on Labor Day Weekend!!
Thank you Cool Bobby B for believing in me and airing my music!!! Love you!! xo


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